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SheFinds Media (SheFinds), formerly referred to as "White Cat Media", is an online content and ecommerce company that is dedicated to making the lives of busy women easier and more stylish. Based in New York City, SheFinds has launched two successful sites; and Additionally, the company owns an extensive collection of domains for future launch including and SheFinds delivers content in the unique voice of a "trusted advisor," providing stylish yet functional products via a user friendly interface.

SheFinds derives revenue from on-site advertising as well as affiliate based commissions on user purchases. The company's first site,, was launched in 2004 and now boasts over 400,000 unique visitors per month. SheFinds plans to build a network of sites based on the model. Ultimately, this network will offer advertisers an integrated marketing solution which aggregates a high-value, motivated consumer base. In addition to the profit centre that SheFinds will provide Greenscape, the company's marketing abilities will contribute to driving sales of other Greenscape companies.


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