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Greenscape Capital Group Inc (“Greenscape”) has deployed an initiative in keeping with their commitment to environmentally-friendly business practices called the Environmental Purchasing and Procurement Strategy (“EPPS”) which is based on a set of 5 guiding principles. These principles are used on a daily basis to guide the environmental and business decisions of the company, and further, the recommended changes and actions that will be taken by Greenscape to advance the environmental management of the company. The components of the EPPS are:

1. Energy/ Transportation Efficiency. We will assist in identifying and retrofitting existing buildings and infrastructure with energy efficient components. With regards to transportation, we will assist in retrofitting trucks and equipment with diesel oxidation catalysts and evaluate other “green fleet” options. Further, we will encourage a no idling policy for vehicles, or to use newer vehicles with diesel oxidation catalysts and/or other best available emissions reduction technologies.

2. Carbon Footprint and Greenhouse Gas Emissions. In recognition of the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on the environment, we will assist companies in completing the following five steps: (i) create a greenhouse gas emissions inventory and forecast; (ii) establish an emissions reduction plan; (iii) develop an action plan; (iv) implement the action plan; and (v) monitor progress and report results.

3. Environmental Stewardship. We will educate and train staff on methods to reduce the environmental impact with respect to facilities, utilities and services.

4. Waste Management. We will perform baseline audits for clients and will develop a comprehensive action plan and education program to increase awareness of recycling and composting options available to businesses. We will also assist with “smart design” production concepts which generate less waste, and encourage the use of recyclable material.

5. Natural Environment. In recognition that a clean, healthy and naturally diverse environment is critical to sustainability, we will seek to help clients protect and enhance the natural environment through implementation of environmentally responsible purchasing and procurement policies.

Greenscape, using the EPPS as the basis for decisions, will evaluate the economic, environmental and social costs and benefits associated with making any and all business decisions. This commitment is to ensure that decisions are not being made at a cost downstream in the business, environmental, and social spectrum and that decisions are achievable, accountable and ultimately, providing the desired result moving forward to fully sustainable business practices.




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