Greenscape Capital Group Inc.



If you are a thriving eco-consumer company with high margins, explosive growth and solid management, we are interested to hear about your business plan and about your capital needs. Greenscape Group Capital Inc. ("Greenscape") is a value added investor in growth situations by way of our access to capital, environmental expertise and management insight. We are an experienced team of financiers, operational experts and environmental professionals. Greenscape is constantly looking for investment situations whereby we can invest in good companies for the benefit of our shareholder base. In addition to looking at companies that are already operating in a green manner, we will also consider investing in companies involved in the luxury consumer market that are in the process of greening their operations.

If you want us to consider an investment in your company, please forward a detailed Business Plan to the email address or physical address in the CONTACT section. The plan should provide current financial information, management biographies, and concrete plans for explosive growth including pro-forma cash flow and income statement projections. Our focus and mandate is to consider companies involved in the manufacturing and marketing of consumer products and not on green industrial technologies.



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