Greenscape Capital Group Inc.



Ryan Skomorowski
Founder, Director and Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Skomorowski is the founder, director and Chief Executive Officer of Green.Switch. He has significant experience in finance, securities, property development, construction and environmental initiatives.

Paul B. Clough
Director of Business Development

Paul B. Clough, Director, has significant expertise on environmental and carbon offset issues. He has spoken to international audiences regarding these matters and has been involved in multiple alternative energy projects. He was instrumental in founding Kinetic Power Corporation, which is playing a role in the development of new clean technology for energy-producing, low-temperature geothermal plants.

Nick Skomorowski
Senior Advisor

Mr. Skomorowski's diverse mega project management experience has spanned over a distinguished 40-year career. He is one of Canada's most accomplished senior construction project managers and has supervised more than $1 billion on construction projects.

Notable projects that Mr. Skomorowski has been in project management on include the King Shaka Durban International Airport in South Africa, terminal one at the Toronto Pearson International Airport, automotive plants, industrial projects, petrochemical plants, MDF board facility, power plants, potash facility and large-scale steel manufacturing operations.

Mr. Skomorowski’s expertise, experience and reputation in project management is invaluable to his role as directly supervising Green.Switch’s project portfolio throughout North America.



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