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Greenscape Capital Group Inc.



Greenscape's focus is the parking industry. Greenscape believes the stability of this multi-billion dollar industry offers exceptional business and investment opportunities during volatile times.

Our company's core asset is the 4,200 stall Canopy Parking Lot which services the Denver International Airport. In 2010 Greenscape built Canopy with co-owner and operating partner, ProPark America. Now in its second year of operation, Canopy's occupancy rates and revenues continue to outperform budgeted figures.

Canopy Airport Parking is North America's greenest parking structure and has been certified as a Demonstrator Site for the Green Parking Council. The facility was built under LEED Certified Gold building principles and utilizes the latest in sustainable, energy efficient design and technology including solar, wind and geothermal power generation, LED lighting and electric vehicle charging stations. This industry-transforming development gives Canopy an advantage of up to 75% in energy savings over comparable lots and the resulting reduction of energy costs leads to an increase in the company's bottom line.

Greenscape seeks to maximize shareholder value by exploring additional opportunities in the parking industry.


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